Luxury Garden


DistrictDistrict 2.

Property size59-114sqm

Parkinggarages available

Date of handoverNot given

Apartments available from171382 EUR (52100000 HUF)

The real luxury is, when everything feels perfect.

The developers intention was to create a unique, special atmosphere. To do this, we managed to find the perfect location in the greenery of district 2. The buildings laying in the direction of Pasaret, from the second floor with a magnificent views of the János Hill. The facade of the building and all the materials used are reflecting a modern, minimalist design.

The four-storey building, on each floor two flats have been formed except of the top floor, where a magnificent 114 m2 penthouse has been created. Each apartment has a terrace. The garage ha capacity for 13 cars comfortably, plus seven more storage are available for the residents.

Garage: 3,5 million HUF
Parking lot space: 3 million HUF
Storage: 1 million HUF

Available apartements

22602földszint3102 nmyes356 627 EURview
226072.399 nmyes385 954 EURview
226083.3114 nmyes531 414 EURview

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