Beethoven Apartments


DistrictDistrict 12.

Property size44-110sqm


Date of handover2019-09-01

Apartments available from196140 EUR (63549200 HUF)

Within the project a 11-unit luxury condominium building is built in one of the most dynamically developing part of Budapest, in District 12.

The location is perfect for those who want to live in a central location but away from the noise of the city, yet in one of the Buda districts with excellent transport and infrastructural capabilities.
The most important aspects of the project design was the comfort, modern technology and environmentally conscious implementation.
When designing apartments, not only the design and the perfect utilization dominate, but also the most modern solutions from the environmental point of view.

The Beethoven project is not only a search for new homes, but also an investment opportunity for prospective owners.
The MOM Park shopping center, the MOM Sports Center, the MOM Cultural Center and the Chestnut Garden are just a 5-minute walk away, as well as numerous shops, banks, restaurants, a gym and other entertainment facilities in the area. There are nursery schools, schools and several universities nearby.

Available apartements

23525földszint184 nmyes337 806 EURview
23526földszint192 nmyes367 892 EURview
235271.166 nmyes285 833 EURview
235281.279 nmyes340 883 EURview
235291.144 nmyes192 025 EURview
235302.166 nmyes285 833 EURview
235312.279 nmyes348 187 EURview
235322.144 nmyes196 140 EURview
235333.3110 nmyes507 593 EURview
235343.284 nmyes387 083 EURview

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