Ambassador Gellert


DistrictDistrict 11.

Property size66-221sqm


Date of handover2015-04-20

Apartments available from338816 EUR (103000000 HUF)

Prestigious apartments for sale in an easily accessible villa area of the Gellért Hill, close to city center.

These two luxury buildings are placed on the quiet southwest slope of the Gellért Hill on a plot (2460m2) with ancient trees. The former premises of the Argentine Embassy have been carefully restored and divided into three grand apartments, to this residency the developers added a modern four-storey building, which blends perfectly to the original residency.

The size of the apartments (up to 220 m2, one flat per floor), high ceilings and spacious rooms are creating an authentic sense of the "villa-living" atmosphere with the touch of the latest technical solutions.

The apartments are in an "advanced construction-ready" state. The buildings have their own elevator and garage, accessible through the lobbies connection.

Available apartements

22027Not given4203 nmyes835 526 EURview
220281.3215 nmyes828 842 EURview
22029földszint4180 nmyes703 513 EURview
220301.4180 nmno714 375 EURview
220313.166 nmyes341 313 EURview

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